Music – Poem

Music is an art
Music is presided over by the Muses
Music combines sounds in a pleasing way
Music has common elements.

Music has pitch and melody
Music has harmony and rhythm
Music has tempo and meter
Music has sonic qualities of timbre.

Music is euphony or sweet sound
Music has harmonious qualities
Music is inspirational
Music opens the soul.

Music is energizing
Music is enriching
Music makes one happy
Music is relaxing.

Music is soothing
Music is entertainment
Music is lovable
Music is stirring.

Music moves one to tears
Music gives a spark
Music tunes a special memory
Music is a form of therapy.

Music fills with spiritual attunement
Music is a personal experience
Music takes us along the road of life
Music is the corner stone of every society.

- Chandra Thiagarajan

Giants win 2-0 Over Tigers

With small ball, Giants win 2-0 for 2-0 WS lead

Madison Bumgarner shut down the Detroit Tigers for seven innings, then the Giants took advantage of a bunt that stayed fair to eke out the go-ahead run in a 2-0 win Thursday night for a 2-0 edge in the World Series.

Gregor Blanco‘s single trickled to a stop inches fair on the infield dirt, setting up Brandon Crawford’s run-scoring double-play grounder in the seventh. Hunter Pence added a sacrifice fly in the eighth, and that was plenty for these masters of the October comeback.

Game 3 will be Saturday night in Detroit and for once, the Giants aren’t playing from behind. They overcame a 2-0 deficit to beat Cincinnati in the best-of-five division series and escaped a 3-1 hole against St. Louis in the NLCS.

Until next blog, GO TIGERS!!!

The worse high school uniform of all times.

The Atlantic High uniforms, put Futuristic Woo on the map — TwitterThe Atlantic High uniforms, put Futuristic Woo on the map. source: But wait, Flo Rida donates another uniform to the school. Carol City’s new uniforms for the 2013 season, at the behest of Flo Rida.

Carol City's new uniforms for the 2013 season, at the behest of Flo Rida — TwitterNow these are more like it, let’s play some ball.


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