Thankful, Gratitude, with just 10+ views per day lol

I’m actually happy I got 12 views today on my website so far today which is my max per day. feeling great, and will be even more happy once I can reach 1000 views a day generated by my wordpress.

I’ve been doing soooo much research on website traffic and what it takes to become that guru you read about in magazines from internet savvy experts.

Long road, but in order for me to be noticed for what I do, Views are what is needed, being that music and how its distributed has changed since the internet is king.


Until next blog, continue to support

“Yaws disease” plagues Congo’s Aka Pugmy

Yaws forms part of a group of chronic bacterial infections caused by treponemes which include endemic syphilis (bejel) and pinta and are commonly known as endemic treponematoses. Yaws is the most common of these infections.

It is also known as framboesia (German or Dutch) and pian (French) and affects the skin, bone and cartilage.

Yaws is caused by T. Pallidum subspecies pertenue. This organism belongs to the same group of bacteria that cause venereal syphilis. It is found primarily in poor communities in warm, humid and tropical forest areas of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific.

Yaws is transmitted through direct (person-to-person) non-sexual contact with the fluid from the lesion of an infected person. Most lesions occur on the limbs. The initial lesion of yaws is teemed with the bacteria. Contact with this fluid, especially among children who play together and sustain minor injuries, leads to transmission of infection. The incubation period is 9–90 days (average 21 days).

About 75% of people affected are children under 15 years old (peak incidence occurs in children aged 6–10 years). Males and females are equally affected.

Overcrowding and poor personal hygiene facilitate the spread of the yaws. Without treatment, infection can lead to chronic disfigurement and disability.

Until next blog, pray for those inflicted with this disease as well as those who live amongst this.