The Diamond Anniversary Ring

Originally posted on Diamond Mike Watson:

“You love birds can sit here with me if you want,” the elderly man said to the young couple desperately looking for a vacant breakfast table. “I’ll be leaving soon, and it looks like these are the last empty chairs in the house.”

The Garden Terrace was a romantic spot that peered across the Pacific in Laguna Beach.  The small tables were each surrounded by four French-styled chairs swirled with wrought iron. The Sunday morning sun reflected brightly against the blue ocean through the viewing windows. The room was cozy, and was ornamented with rich, dark, woods and old hanging portraits of the restaurant’s heritage.

“Are you sure?” asked the young man after pulling his sunglasses up over his head.  “Aren’t you waiting for somebody?”

“I am waiting for my wife, but sometimes she gets distracted and ends up somewhere else.”

“Why thank you, sir,” the young lady responded. “We…

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