I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE’S GOTTA PAY FOR ME & MY KIDS!!!


This is what happens when the ” Government” is proclaimed as the “parent” … How dare any woman of any color just spread her legs without a care in the world about being responsible. She could easily have closed her legs and prevented her “issues”. But again she CHOSE to procreate repeatedly and now blames everyone but herself for her circumstance. I do not know but would also guess this “mom” had this example from her mother. Truly pathetic excuse of a responsible mother. ChicagoJT 1 hour ago

This woman did not just “find” herself in that situation. She put herself in that situation by having that many kids. What kind of idiot has 15 kids they know they cannot support? She needs her tubes tied. funky8757 7 hours ago

this is normal for ghetto nigger azz bitches,lazy azz hoe need to be shot along with it’s rats. JAMES BOLER 14 hours ago

We all have to stop working for free… don’t we?

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Last month, Francisco* and I narrowly averted an argument. As is the case with most couples’ arguments, our near-miss fight was about money.

Francisco and I are not an argument-prone pair; though we’re both hard-headed and opinionated, we don’t like conflict and we’re very careful about protecting one another.

Which is why we were almost fighting.

While photographing an event on assignment, Francisco met a producer from a local radio station. They exchanged pleasantries and business cards, and the next day she contacted him about a gig. Would he be interested in photographing some VIP station supporters before and after a Broadway show? He said that he would and discussions began about the particulars of the gig.

He was flattered to have been asked and he was visibly excited about the assignment when he told me about it. He shared some of the details and it all sounded great. And…

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