The Amazing Spider-Man

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Oh boy.

I finally got around to seeing The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s not for a lack of interest in the character; Spider-Man has been among my favorites for as long as I can remember. The unfortunate combination of being really busy and being fearful of what a post-Sam Raimi Spider-Man film series would be like made me put off seeing the latest film until this week.

The new movie rehashed the whole Peter Parker becomes the Spider-Man plot with a few modifications. Peter’s dad was a research scientist for Oscorp who mysteriously was killed, with the assumption that this happened at Norman Osborn’s bequest. Peter goes on to be raised by his aunt and uncle as an awkward teenager, gets bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes a vigilante after his actions indirectly lead to the murder of his Uncle Ben. This pretty much took up two-third of the film. From…

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Sky is not the limit

Originally posted on CUP OF JOE: always enjoyed the James Bond franchise starting with Pierce Brosnan and GoldenEye. The other Bond films came out before I was born. GoldenEye was not only a solid film, but also a great video game. When Die Another Day came along, you could see Brosnan’s gray hair peeking through, which meant it was time for a new Bond. Enter Daniel Craig who I had only seen in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. He played an American tomb raider. In 2006, Casino Royale hit the big screen. Craig shined as 007 and established himself as the best Bond of the franchise’s 50-year history. Craig is not only a clean-cut, attractive male but also he is a believeable badass. He has a stern face, jacked muscles and an edgy side (Yes, I do have a man crush on him). Both are necessary in a Bond character and I don’t think any have…

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