Kate Middleton is Preggo

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I stroll into work today, hit Yahoo and what do I see? “Breaking news” that Kate Middleton is pregnant. I refused to click it until just now because IT’S STILL THERE. How is this breaking news? A “princess” in England will be having a child. This literally affects about 6 people. Just don’t understand how it gets the breaking news tag. Throw it on the front page or something. Only think breaking about this story is now we know Prince William is no longer a virgin. Obviously more of a story here.

Dead serious question: what comes after a prince? King > prince > ???. I could Google it but to be honest, I don’t know if I care enough to. If someone could comment with the hierarchy, that would be great.

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The Hobbit is Coming and the Box Office could be huge

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Hoping this is a branch off from the Lord of the Rings trilogy which I loooove

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The Hobbit (2012 film)

The Hobbit (2012 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Movie studios are running a week in advance:   

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is just two weeks away from release. This weekend coming up there is only one film being released which is a little romantic comedy, Playing for Keeps with Gerard Butler. The reason no other film is even being released is that every movie studio fears The Hobbit. 

Say you work at a movie studio and you see this weekend only has a minor Gerard Butler film being released three weekends before Christmas; they normally jump at the chance to release a big movie. The reason no one has is that they might get a solid opening weekend performance, but in its second weekend the film would likely lose at least half of its audience. The movie studio releasing the Gerard Butler film is hoping for a miracle that the film…

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Pasta Salsiccia



pasta sili




you will need:

1 can of italian cherry tomatoes ( or egg tomatoes)
1 small onion ( finely chopped)
2 garlic cloves ( finely chopped)
4  salsiccia sausages ( or italian sausages if you can find them, mild)
1/4 teasp. cinnamon
1 teasp. ground fennel seed
1 teasp. sea salt
1/2 teasp. ground pepper
1 teasp, rosemary
a pinch sugar
1 bay leave
2 tablesp. olive oil
1/4 cup water
ribbon pasta or lasagna pasta


heat the olive oil in a sauce pan. add the onions and brown them for about 2 min. then add the garlic and brown for another 1 min. squeeze the sausages into the sauce pan ( skin is for the trash). set the heat a bit higher and try to break the meat into small pieces, like ground meat. when the meat has a nice brown color, add…

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The Female Orgasm Law

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Check out the hilarious short film, The Female Orgasm Law. At a town hall meeting, men are freaking out that a new law has been passed. This short film was directed by  Dane Hanson and written by Dane Hanson & Olivia Hoffman. It also starred Olivia Hoffman, Sarah Kauffman, Dane Hanson, Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie), Hunt Eldridge, Ed Stelz and Aaron O’Leary. It was played at the 2012 Friar’s Club Comedy Film Festival, LA Comedy Fest and the Big Apple Film Festival. The short film even took home the Audience Award at Friar’s Club.  Enjoy.

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- How it all works -

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Okay so what happened was that there was this tiny dot of concentrated mass and energy. Its mass was so great that under its own weight it cracked and exploded and this we know as the big bang. All that mass was scattered into tiny particles all across the nothingness that is now the universe. These tiny particles follow a specific program, a law of attraction,  everything that has mass, has its own gravity that attracts other objects with mass. All these particles eventually formed clouds of gasses and other kinds of space dust, these clouds started to swirl into stars and planets. All these stars and planets form even bigger swirls called galaxies, our galaxy is called the Milky way galaxy.


Meanwhile on the surface of these planets, the same program of attraction make certain particles attract each other and form a more complicated unions of particles that form…

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Chris Brown Returns to Twitter

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Chris Brown Twitter

A week after deactivating his Twitter account following a nasty exchange with comedian Jenny Johnson, R&B bad boy Chris Brown has returned to the social network.

In response to Johnson calling him a “worthless piece of sh-t,” Brown called her a slew of derogatory names and threatened to defecate on her. In a post for GQ.com, Johnson said that while she does not “regret” her part in the argument, she has “learned” from it. Johnson admitted to being shocked by all the attention, including a bunch of invites to be interviewed, all of which she turned down.

Engaging in a Twitter war with Breezy unleashed online death threats from the Grammy winner’s fans, but Johnson was unharmed.

“I am NOT a victim of anything,” she wrote. “Nor have I ever thought I was (excluding the time I paid to see The Village). I’ve had people assume I dislike…

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