Friendship: a Relic of the Past?

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Warning: Spicy words ahead. Read only when feeling ready for a friendly little uppercut from your old pal Justin.


In my twenty-first century American context, it seems to me true bonds of friendship are more and more easily dissolved. Oh sure, everyone has friends, as in 814 acquaintances on Facebook, 1,298 followers on Twitter, a few pals for going out to the movies or a bar on the weekend… but how many of those people can you call and trust they will really listen to you when you need them?

One study published at least 3 years ago shows 25% of Americans are lonely, or rather they have no one they can truly trust and lean on in times of need. How could this be so in an age of hyper-connectivity?

I know in my personal experience there are many who act as friends in many circumstances, but…

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Trinidad James “All Gold Everything” Gets Spoofed: All Ashy Everything

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Popular song by Atlanta’s Trinidad James has a spoof. It’s called “All Ashy Everything”, watch below:

Trinidad James On His Style: “I Didn’t Wanna Be Associated With Everybody” [EXCLUSIVE]

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Justin Bieber Embraces Holiday Spirit With Boyz II Men

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Justin Bieber has a lot to be grateful for this holiday season. With a successful tour and the release of his album Believe earlier this year, 2012 has proved to be Bieber’s year.

On the heels of his performance in Toronto with Drake, Carly Rae Jepsen and The Wanted the Biebs Tweeted out a video that marks the beginning of the holiday season. “Fa La La” features Boyz II Men and Bieber a cappella trading verses. The stripped down, black and white video has Bieber harmonizing alongside Boyz II Men while singing, “Baby you’re the reason to be jolly.” Watch it below.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local

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In response to my last post – Princess Kaoru

This lady is plastered all over the internet giving speeches about her psychic visions of the end of the world in 2012. She makes a number of impressive claims on her website as to her credentials as a political activist, speaker, royalty, business person etc. but I can’t find any independent sources verifying any of it whatsoever.

Can’t find anything on her link to any Japanese royal family (other than her own website of course).

Her facebook says shes “Chairperson of the International Affairs Institute for World Peace”… I googled that organization and only came up with a facebook page. They have no information listed on it with 18 likes.

Also not sure how Japan‘s royal family works but the only actual princess of Japan I could find is named Kōtaishihi Masako.

So who is Kaoru Nakamaru? Why is her history so hard to find among the slurry of conspiracy theory websites? Thanks