Eric Hartsburg to get tattoo of Romney/Ryan logo removed

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You’ve probably seen this story, the man in Michigan who received $15,000 to get a Romney/Ryan logo tattooed on his face. He had said in numerous interviews that he would be keeping it for life but it appears he has gotten cold feet and wants the monstrosity removed.

Why you would ever do this is beyond me, but this morning I had the chance to catch up with Eric to get his reasons, his story and his political insights

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Frank Sinatra on the radio: Sirius or Pandora?

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Frank Sinatra recording

An answer to the above question is offered by a Frank Sinatra tribute performer, or Frank Sinatra Impersonator in Los Angeles

Frank Sinatra is available on the radio primarily via either Sirius XM satellite or Pandora internet radio, and sampling both reveals some differences.  On Sirius, you must have a paid subscription, although many new cars come with free trial periods that vary in length.  On Sirius, you’ll find an existing channel, known as Siriusly Sinatra.  Pandora, on the other hand, is a free service via the internet and through an app for your smart phone, but as a result, there are occasional commercials within the program, both in the form of audio and graphics on your screen.  But theyre pretty infrequent and tolerable.  On Pandora, you create your Sinatra channel by selecting Frank Sinatra as your artist of choice, and a channel is initiated for you.

The Sinatra channels on…

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Beyonce and Justin Timberlake Planning a New Colaboration?

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In my world, Beyonce is royalty. I think her solo career is one of the best things to happen in the music industry and I’ve pretty much loved everything that’s come from it. Well, with the exception of “Halo.” For some reason I just could not get into that song. She repeats “halo” like 69 times in the song, which is just too much for me. But I digress. Being a Beyonce uber-fan, I thought it was more than due time that she headline the Superbowl Halftime show. The announcement of her performance was enough for me but I came across this article, which states that she’s releasing new music before the big day!

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Eddie Murphy Tops Our List Of The Most Overpaid Actors In Hollywood

Personally, he deserves every penny. He does multiple motion picture characters, started at an early age as a stand up comic, voice overs, you name it. A legend stands the through the times and is allowed to to get old or live life. A current pay rate for an actor of some one like Eddie Murphy is subjected from the work produced to date. Personally lol