NEW SONG “UP” by: Deondrae Porter

I fell in love with the beat upon 1st listen. Naturally, my song writer‘s instinct kicks in, and I come up with, UP. A very great song that was completely done by yours truly :) I hope that you enjoy. if your interested in having this song in your iPod, mP3 Player, C-D, etc etc, please be sure to check out the “Music” section, where you will see a sound cloud player visible with previous songs I have recorded which are equally great as well


Until next blog, thank you for your support weather you like it or not <3

Remembering “Pearl Harbor” December 7, 1941

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese surprise attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dubbed the attack as ‘a date which will live in infamy,’ and he couldn’t have predicted it better. 70 years later, Americans vividly remember what happened on that fateful day … The Empire of Japan launched a surprise attack on the US naval base in Hawaii killing 2,350 people. The wreckage at Pearl Harbor was devastating. The USS Downes and USS Cassin are shown here soon after the end of the Japanese air attack. Cassin capsized onto the Downes.