What is your view on brand name clothes???

So I was watching a documentray the other day and it was talking about kids and fashion and bassically kids elementray and middle school ages where becomeing obsessed with brand names, and designer labels. Now, when I was there age I could care less what brand name I was wearing and as IO got older I develop my own personal style, and taste and favored certain brands over the other. But in the documentray children were bullyed and teased for not having the newest shoes, or jeans, or brand named whatever, when in middle school I was never exposed to that type of behavoir, and maybe a little in highschool, but never in college either…

So when and where do the brand names and designer labels really matter? Are they really that important? Or is looking a feeling good about yourself more important? Will all that stuff make you happy? Is it worth spending money you don’t have to look a certain way to others?… What do you think???

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