Trinidad Jame$ Says He Wants to Work with Adele

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As Trinidad Jame$ continues to enjoy his random rise in rap, he opens up to VIBE magazineabout his dream collaborations.

“I really wanna work with Adele. She been dope forever and I feel like if I had a chance to do some music with her, it’ll be good but that’s just my opinion,” James told the magazine. Even if it wasn’t good, I would still listen to it by myself just so I could hear her voice and be like ‘I’m on a song with Adele.”

So I see Jesus co-authoring Joseline Hernadez’s memoir before that happens, but I will make one note: I can totally see Adele being into “All Gold Everything.”


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Adele Gives The Finger…

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By: Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict.
Should most deffinetly be made into a movie!!

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Winds of Change parades a matrix of stories, depicting experiences of people in different countries of the world and conveying their situations as good, bad and ugly(at the discretion of the reader). The ageless material contains stories that touch the hearts of (concerned) individuals and explores various ‘welldones’ and ills of the society. Good, funny and sad endings underscore the profundity of the literary material.

The work title, ’Winds of Change’ explores different categories that have to do with man; relationships, juvenile delinquencies, drug trafficking and other social relevances, distinguishing itself from its contemporaries. Thus, branding it is tantamount to being referred to the ‘book with a difference’. The uniquely accounted anecdotes makes possible for readers to rate the work piece; ‘five over five’.

Students, teachers, professionals, religious scholars, literary critics and readers ,generally, will find this classic helpful as an intellectual depressant from various stresses encountered in exerting…

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