Fingerprint Len- Sorry!

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Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week! I’ve had several big essays due in as well as revising for 2 important tests for the teacher training course I’m doing next year. And the slowly deflating helium birthday balloon isn’t helping! :) 


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Locally Tied Doritos Commercial Director

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Guenn went to high-school with a guy named Mark Freiburger, and it turns out that he has become a successful Director/Producer, and one of his latest projects is a new Doritos commercial for “The Big Game.” (I don’t want a letter from the NFL, so that’s what I’m calling it)

It’s called “Fashionista Daddy,” and it’s a top-5 finalist in a competition called “Doritos Crash the Superbowl,” and directors from all over create humorous commercials for Doritos to run during the Super Bowl, then fans vote on the website.

Mark now resides in California, and has worked on feature-length movies as well as commercials. We spoke with Mark on-air about what Guenn was like back in high-school, and Mark told us the story of his hilarious commercial and how a father will do so much for his daughter and a bag of Doritos. You can watch his commercial online

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