The greatest shot ever!!

I’m not sure who this kid is or what team he plays for, or even whether this is real, but if it is, this might be the greatest shot in the history of basketball.

Last week, we featured an Indiana high school sophomore’s amazing no-look 3-pointer while saving the ball from going out of bounds, but this video has so many more layers.

If you watch it 100 times, you only leave with more questions. The only thing we think we know for certain — based on the midcourt logo — is that this youth basketball game was played at Greenridge Baptist Church in Clarksburg, Md. That’s it. As for those questions:

Is this a buzzer beater?

Does the kid even know how much time is on the clock, or is he simply hurling the ball over his head for spits and giggles?

Did this shot win the game?

Or did they just decide to end the game because the shot was so incredible?

Did the coach call a play, or was he just like, “Pass it to No. 50 and see what happens”?

Did they even consider posting No. 50 up on the inside? I mean, he is twice the size of everybody else on the floor.