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We don’t see how blacking out their thingy is protecting their dignity!

A couple of days ago, the peace in Umuka, Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State was shattered when a group of men of varying ages from young to middle-aged were caught engaging in group gay sex; what would better be described as an orgy.

An irate community tied them up and paraded them naked in disgraceful manner.

We all remember that Nigerian laws have no tolerance for gay/lesbian activities and has very harsh punishment for defaulters. Senate President, David Mark, a few days before this event re-emphasized the government’s position on this by stating that there are many good things Nigeria can learn and adopt from the western world but same sex marriages et al are not included.

However, it appears these men thought they were not very serious but unfortunately for them, they have set themselves up to be…

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Aleppo the well known city, is the capital of Syrian economy.  Everyone knew that because Aleppo was doing well Syria was fine.   For more than a year and a half, Arabic media as well as the Turkish government were making Aleppo their first priority knowing that to make break through in Syria you have to break Aleppo and turn it to Benghazi.   They were trying hard to film even one single protest to claim that the government is losing Aleppo and what they called the volcano of Aleppo turned to be a massive pro-Syria and pro-government movement that showed the solid decision to support the reformation, against the random killing and the interfering in the Syrian issues.


















The above pictures show a pro-government demonstration in Aleppo in 2012

Since then and they…

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