The Indie Review was created by: NdotJay & Deondrae Cool. The “Indie Review” is where Indie Music, New’s & Entertainment meet’s Awesome & Cool that leaves a sweet after taste upon finishing a messy plate of Nacho’s. Personally, I came up with the idea after visiting many web pages and noticing that there isn’t a site that fuzes Independent music along side the Mainstream media, being: Politics, Humor, Art, Fashion, Celebrity New’s and so much more. I “Deondrae Cool” operates something new and should be viewed as such. Posting Independent Music from myself, from those who are in need of promotion & support. Email me at: d_2008_p@yahoo.com for info if your in need of promotion opportunities. Visit the “Now Listening” tab for Independent Music, that is worth the time.


Deondrae Cool, is an artist, songwriter and producer. Some Music inspirations are: New School Hip-Hop “Wiz Khalifa”, Old School Hip-Hop “Rakim” & Alternative Rock n’ Roll “The Beetles”, “Jimi Hendrix”. Deondrae Cool’s music focuses on strong and relevant songwriting with rare production arrangements. His qualities consist of: being humble, thankful and productive whose free spirit flows with gratitude who’s always watching and learning, which can be heard within the arrangements. The message is a smash of being yourself and hard work.

Self expression is what has been the foundation to make the music. The mission is to reach everyone with something fresh and new. A conscious and a well thought out message in music to touch the inner being of a person that has yet to be expressed. Staying focused and motivated has crafted the Deondrae Cool sound. Because I’m Cool.


Coming Project: Good Job By: Deondrae Cool.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following my blog Deondrae! I hope you can get some value out of my posts. Your blog is entertaining. Wasn’t aware of just how crazy Flava Flav is till now…

  2. Thanks for the follow . . . . I really like to have young readers: people like you keep me sharp. By the way, . are you aware that a reader cannot comment on a post on the home page? I’m sure that’s not what you want.

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