My beautiful people who follow my “ONLY” – What are you currently working on?

Thank you so much for being a part of something that is great and current. I’m currently working my 1st mix-tape solo after leaving a group of talented individuals.”Population 1″, the meaning comes from living my life and going through things that only one could imagine. Every word is the truth no loser talk about what I don’t have or do as we hear a lot from independent artist on the hip-hop scene. I have all my beats together for my project which consists of “14” songs/tracks. Realizing that all I have is myself, love, loyalty, hard work, dedication and the drive also talking to others on a friendship and business level.

I have been through: Physical abuse, Foster Care/families/group homes. A daughter in Canada, an epileptic Fiance that is my world and another reason why I do this to the point where my eyes and brain is stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. My heart is totally into my family, music & hard work 100%. I make my own beats, have my own studio, and mix myself and a group called “High 5″ who just recently released their mix-tape “High Rise” available on I’m coming from never seeing the face of my father, I have come this far on my own with some help of those who truly love me who I can’t thank enough.

Sharing this with you is from my heart because you took the time to notice me as a person for what ever reason. I love everyone on the planet, I have compassion, I support whomever reaches out because I know how hard it is to get a name for yourself starting from nothing. Now I have my website, generating hits is the platform I need and been aiming for. To add. My songs are so amazing, after everything is finished and written I plan on locking myself in a very private place and spill my heart and soul into my coming project. I would like to thank Nelson “NdotJay (” for being a lifelong friend in our journey but more so my journey because he has tough me so much and we will be there together in the end at the top. From putting C-D’s on your car in the parking lot, to putting “QR Code” stickers on your shops window, a website, a studio and an image of self. I will make it, with the help of those who feel the way the common person does.

Support is what I want. I deserve it soooo much, because I’m a humble and very positive African American who is in the gray area with the rest who just want more in their lives with no drama/trouble along the way.

If you have anything, I mean anything to further my career or help me with sharing my website/content I will more than likely help you as well, lets become a family and build the Deondrae Porter brand. Lets work together with faith, NO HATE, and build ourselves up as positive people who work together and love one another because LOVE is what it takes to build onto any friendship/relationship, right? Reply, and lets do this, because we can, just dedicated people is all it takes.