Update: To my readers of sort’s

Hello all.

Deondrae Cool here.

Currently I’ve been working my butt off as usual, but lately more than ever. Working on my 1st album and glad to have “Brett Ashby” doing the artwork for the cover. Who has also put in some work around the world and Ellen DeGeneres.

I thought of myself as one who can help others in any way that I can. Going into this project “Good Job”. I sat and focused on what would help others, and what will motivate others. To me image is everything. For a long while, I did not have a stage name. to get a name trademarked it has to be something personal. My name is who I am “Deondrae Cool”. I’m cool and laid back who has talents in just about everything from: Blogging, Production, Mixing, Videography & etc.

Going by my regular name “Deondrae Porter” for me was just to normal when I’m so creative.

From doing my research and all my hard work with: Own website, promotional items, networking and supporting other’s, now I’m bringing it to the fore front to compete with the greats of the world. I’ve always been humble and very patient. I was a foster child who had so many questions, and been through so much which gives me so much to say, what other way can I do this?

I started by writing poetry. Soon came along making my own beats and turned poems into songs. I was that kid you would notice right away because I’m super shy. I would hum my ditties under the kitchen table. Being a loner is who I’ve always been since birth. Just absorbing information to be a better person in general because I had no guidance. I would steal, skip classes & dabble in drug’s.

Making a negative into a positive is what this musical work entails “Good Job”. I came up with this name because I work so hard, and seemed not to get the recognition that I wanted. Having two great friends from childhood has aided me in my journey of self expression. Nelson “NDotJay” Johnson & James “Jay Diggz” Washington. So I can’t take all the credit.

Creating is our 1st love, by our I mean all of us of the world so I always keep us in mind. The: Lost, Creative, Nerd, Ambitious, Talented & all around “Good” people. I hate “Bad” period, it just doesn’t sit well with me, never has. So this is for those who only want to do good in life, but has some setbacks every now and then. We are the normal ones who are trying to live life to it’s fullest and have a great time doing it, that understand that it takes HARD WORK & Paying dues. This project will be available where ever you can think of, let me know of any suggestions on places to submit.

“Good Job” touches on: Health, Drive, Pain, Overcoming obstacles, Fun with some creative and catchy songs that will surely get the body up & headed in the right direction being to the dance floor lol or to the bank even.

I now have rubber bracelets with my website www.DDeashion.com on them for promotional use only.

5 Varieties:

  • Grey/Glow
  • Blue-White-swirl/Glow
  • Camouflage
  • Black
  • White/Glow

Email me personally: DDeashion@gmail.com for yours now. Just leave your address, phone number (optional) & full name.

By the way…

I will be uploading a new song TODAY! “Keep it up”.

Until next blog, this is Deondrae Cool, your rapper pal ttys