Cassie’s Music Come Back, “RockAByeBaby” Mixtape 4-11-2013

Cassie is gearing up for her upcoming RockAByeBaby mixtape. And she’s dropped a trailer to get you ready. Cassie dropped her “All Girls Everything” several weeks ago, which will appear on her RockAByeBaby mixtape. Now, check out her trailer which features the Bad Boy artist smoking on something and looking really pretty for the project that’s dropping April 11th.


How to Get Rid of a Felony Record

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For whom ever is in legal trouble, check this out. No I am not  Felon nor do I even have a traffic ticket :) Thank you.

Having a felony  convictions erased from your criminal record is called expunging, and the requirements vary  widely from state to state. Generally, if the felony you are trying to expunge  isn’t one that could result in life imprisonment, and you haven’t had any other  criminal charges since the charge you are trying to get rid of, you may qualify  for an expungement.

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    Contact an attorney. Most  often, we as the general public aren’t exceptionally savvy to the judicial  system. An attorney cannot guarantee you an expungement; however she can  increase your chances by helping you every step of the way. Be sure to work with  an attorney that specializes in expungement or record clearing.

    Whenever contacting a lawyer, be sure to ask for her state bar number and  check it at the website provided in the Resources section.

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    Get a second opinion. Many times one attorney’s take on a case can vary  dramatically from another’s. You may find that you are more comfortable with the  counsel provided by one attorney to the other.

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    Prepare a statement. This statement should serve as a reference when going in  front of a judge to get rid of a felony record. The statement should include  valid reasons as to why you need a felony expunged, (for example, applying for a  job or  housing), and any good deeds performed such as volunteer work.

    A judge is the only one who can grant you an expungement; therefore the  statement should serve to persuade the judge that you are deserving of having a  felony erased.

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    Go before a judge. Getting rid of a felony is a criminal proceeding, and as  such you may choose to either represent yourself or allow your attorney to do so  for you.

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Top 5 Hobbies That Can Generate Potential Income


Was talking to my fiancé the other night about other ways to generate income legally, I bring up hobbies. I ask what undiscovered talent that we can do to generate a more steady income aside from working. I decided to dig a bit deeper. I was interested in how to do so so as I learn, we all do.
1. Baking- Christmas is a season of giving, so whether you bake your favorite cake, pastries and cookies, you will surely be earning something when you bake. It’s becoming a trend now that cupcakes are also offered as an alternative to wedding cakes and favors. So if you know how to bake and you have an oven, tools for baking and such, then this opportunity is for you to try. You can start a sampler by giving your sample treat to friends, family and office colleagues. If they like it, then there goes your green signal to start a simple home business.

2. Sewing, Knitting and other Crafts work- You can have a great or simple design for those used clothes and sew them into useful things which may interest others to buy. Like for example an old pants turned into a tote bag or a spaghetti strap tank top to become a beautiful purse. The possibilities are endless as long as you know to use your imagination or being artistic. Knitting is also a great way to sell, not only on your friends and neighbors but you can try to sell it online.

3. Gardening- Do you have green thumbs? This hobby is for you because you can earn money by gardening. You don’t need a big space to try; just a small pot will do to grow those herbs and veggies which may save yourself from buying in the market. You can also sell it to people and what a joy to experience a great harvest isn’t it?

4. Photography- Believe it or not but photography is one hot hobby that sells like hot potato online. Why? It’s because when you have those good snap shots of pictures that are rare and seldom wanted by publishers and advertisers, you will reap a good income from photography. All it takes is a good knowledge and practice in photography, a very good camera of course, and an inspiration to start your way to make money. You can also offer your service to wedding events, birthdays and other important occasion. So what are you waiting for? Do you have a good camera? Try to improve your skills on photography and start earning online and offline.

5. Jewelry Making- Keep those beads, gems, charms and wires aside and place those pliers and cutters handy dandy. If you have the talent to compose a good necklace, bracelet, earrings and other stuffs then this is for you. Items for jewelry making are just around the corner. You may even browse an online tutorial if you wanted to learn more for the design. Of course, such hobby needs an investment, but not too much since you can start from small. You can also sell these items online and offline and a good word of mouth from friends will start a chain of good hope for your jewelry business.

How To Make Your Bassline Groove?

I’ve been creating beats for about 7yrs now. Knowing perfection is key to gain listeners and also potential fans. That’s what it’s all about right? I’m always doing research to gain that certain sound some projects have been missing. I gave a break on listening to certain music because after getting use to that music you love, will have a big influence on how you do things.

I seek to be one of those outside of the box recording artist that is very original. Loving what your making from start to finish is the best feeling in the world. How to make you beat say a song?

What I do is, think of a HOT/Catchy melody 1st!! then I construct the beat with what I say. Now your beat is speaking without words even jotted down, Your baseline goes with that catchy line/phrase/repetitive words etc. etc.

Recording your record.

I empty all that is on my mind so it does not effect my delivery. Freestyle is cool, but making hit records is what sells your records. From being a potential hit to a major Hit. This separate’s the men from the youngsters.

-Deondrae Cool