7 Press Release Sins – Are You Guilty?

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Followers and those who take interest in music. Is DIY dead? I believe in it to a certain extent. What’s your strong suit? stick to that, build on that 1st, master it, expand to what will aid you in you career path. Find this a difficult task???
These are the days of (DIT) Meaning do it together. Help from those who you know or those you may network with being at a conference or a live performance offering the same genera you will benefit. What’s the use of networking and you can’t use those you’ve come across?? DIY? when there is always networking needed?
Come on now, there is no such thing as so. It’s always been DIT.
Ok to the point lol…


1. Is it newsworthy?
While you may think that increasing sales by 40% or having an internal birthday party is news, the media and your target market may not. Before taking the time and effort to issue a press release, ask yourself if it really is newsworthy.

2. Why are you posting the press release?

Before writing your press release, figure out if you are trying to build online buzz with search engine optimization (SEO), spread the word about a newsworthy event to a specific audience, get media coverage, or something else. After all, if you are a small business looking for a big, cover-story, you will not get it from a simple press release. You will be better off pitching specific media-members via phone.

3. Is your press release optimized for the search engines?

If you don’t add specific keywords to your press release in the right location, you are missing out on a huge and inexpensive opportunity to be at the top of the search engines. Period.

4. Did you add a specific link to a Web page?

How are you tracking the results of your release? If you don’t add a hyperlink to a specific Web page in your press release, how are you going to know how many people were really interested in your news and took action because of it?

5. Is your press release free of errors?

Is your press release well-written in the standard, AP style? If you distribute a boring release that has errors, you will make a bad impression. Instead, hire a professional, SEO copywriter to help you write and proofread your release.

6. Did you spend too much on press-release distribution?

If you are a small business announcing an award, promotion or other, internal news, don’t spend thousands on sending the release out via a wire service. Instead, pitch specific media-members who will be interested in the news, and post your release on less expensive or free, industry-related sites.

7. What time did you distribute you press release?

If you distribute your press release after office hours, you will not get as many media members seeing your news. Send out your release when you know your targeted, media-members are in the office (and not on deadline). You also want to make sure you are available to respond to calls when your press-release posts

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