Making it in america

How do we make it in a america if you don’t have the credentials of a college degree?

My story. I attended three college campuses in the MI area. After gaining leverage in my courses I realized what I was going for I didn’t like so I changed majors, moved around and came to the realization I just want ready at the time at hand.
I took some time off to evaluate my situation after having a baby girl in Canada and realized “I need to bring in income”. I knew a job was main focus then. Bouncing around the working scene from job to job nothing really seemed to fit me.
Always with my dream in focus I always knew that I wanted to make a living in something I like doing the most which was “music”. Producing my own instrumentals is a joy for me as well as performing and songwriting. Knowing to start things where going to be slow. I gain a second job to invest in myself.
In short, you can’t just limit yourself to just one income, you have to go and get more money anyway you can. I tried the whole drug  selling thing, but realized t that’s what I didn’t want the people to view me as. I stepped up my work ethic from every angle.
No help, I figured out why marriage is so promising when its the right one. After a child you don’t want the chill to meet every jane kim and lyn you come across, so I viewed my next would be my last, which isn’t for everyone in their 20s.
Find someone good and stock with it! Which is love and a helping hand if you ever need it.
Starting to do better I find myself now investing in myself for that next step for my dream with awesome jobs in tow.

For my fellow readers my point is to not limit yourself to one income, if you have someone in your life that’s good to and for you, hold on to them. Save lol

Thank you for your dear time and until next blog, save! And invest!