Arrested again???!!!

Katt Williams

Katt Williams (Photo credit: IHEARTHIPHOP)

Some how Katt Williams thought he could out run the cops. The comedienne has been putting on a real life show lately with a thread of reckless behavior all over the states. Everything went down hill when his former female assistant decided to press charges after he hit and harassed her back in LA. Since then, Katt Williams has been recorded hitting a Target employee, throwing rocks at someone’s car, getting into multiple bar fights and lashing out on stage to an audience member who paid to see him! Katt was finally pulled over and arrested in Sacramento at a random gas station.TMZ reported :

Katt Williams was arrested again last night … this time in Dunnigan, CA (about 40 miles from Sacramento) on an outstanding warrant. Yolo County Sheriffs deputies popped Williams at a gas station following a traffic stop, this according to KCRA. An arrest warrant for Williams had been issued on Thursday out of Sacramento County for a reckless driving incident last month. This is just the latest in an ongoing string of legal troubles for Williams — including a bar fight in which he allegedly threw a rock at a car, a lawsuit over a bizarre onstage meltdown, and of course … slapping a Target employee in the face.

Source: TMZ