Is being alone best?

~ Alone ~

While in a relationship… It’s 100% that there will be arguments over certain things that you expect out of them, etc.

As harsh as it may seem, calling it quits after the a long haul of feelings and getting to actually know someone, and staying at it long enough to know what your mate can do and cannot do and what their capable of is not a piece of cake.

I’ve heard running away is a cowardly move, but…

what do you do when you feel what you have isn’t what you need? you can’t take back time and effort. Starting over is so much work and as we get older we realize we need that 1 person to make us happy, so we will go through what ever hell is going on at the time with hopes of a better tomorrow. Talking things out & still getting the same results actually sucks, scientist even try new things after a failed attempt.

After a few failed attempts at “Love” being alone isn’t such a bad idea when given some thought.

Though, hurting someone is what we do not want to do intentionally, in all actuality, it’s hurting the heart of both parties, and that is something we don’t easily get over. Since we are of age is it safe to call it broken up? I prefer going seperate ways, and the years spent on “Love” with someone, Picking up and moving on is rough, believe me, I tried it lol

Is being alone best? or the worse?

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