Know your limits

Knowing your limits is knowing what you can and can’t do, for instance…
putting your hand on a tea pot while its boiling you already know isn’t the smart thing to do and, asking your girlfriends friend out on a date isn’t the right thing to do unless their friend just so happens to be a relative.
Sometimes we get into something thinking at first that we feel is for us until some time spent, then after realizing its time to get out while you still can before its too late.
Doing something because the next is doing a certain something can spell suicide. being yourself is pure gold but knowing what your capable of is diamonds to the soul.

My friends of sorts until next blog, excel and exceed

Whats hot/Whats not

HOT- Indie music, hard work, cologne, real hair, boob jobs, swag, being in a relationship, doritos, jay-z, people with kids, being yourself, trend setting, being professional, getting paid, being real with others, beer, red bottoms, the nice guy, the good girl, G.O.D, flowers, love, obama getting re-elected, TMZ

NOT- haters, D-boys, being lazy, staying home, being single, creepers, drama, planking, bad work ethic, bed head, jealousy, killing, bad food, judging others, racism, hating your body, stupid touch down dances, dogs/cats, kim k, wanna be models that arnt making moves, not thinking, losing touch with friends and family