Drake & Chris Brown $16M Suit for Rihanna Fight; Tony Parker Sues Bar


Drake (Photo credit: eastscene)

Chris Brown

Chris Brown (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)

Chris Brown and Drake have been sued for $16 million by the owners of the bar they had their smack-down fight over Rihanna in on the night of June 14, 2012.

NBA basketball player Tony Parker is also suing, but has filed his lawsuit against the bar for being injured by glass from the rapper and singer’s fight, according to the New York Daily News.

The New York club W.i.P. lost its liquor license because of the glass-hurling fight that was caught on video.
Neighboring bar Greenhouse shares space, owners and a liquor license with the other bar, and it has also lost its ability to serve alcohol.

Owners of the Greenhouse trademark claimed in court papers that the fight has cost them a $4 million licensing deal that they had recently brokered.

While reports were initially unclear regarding both the alleged Illuminati New World Order Satanists’ involvement, the lawsuit alleges they were directly involved.

The papers, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, state the musicians “began to fight violently” and “each ordered his security personnel, bodyguards, friends and entourage to join the fight.”

Rihanna Visits A$AP Rocky On Long Live A$AP Tour


Rih Rih visits her new fav hype man and feautred artist, A$AP Rocky, in Los Angeles during his Long Live A$AP Tour. Rocky will be joining Rihanna this March on her nationwide Diamonds Tour that starts in Buffalo, New York. I guess Rih wanted to check out what to expect on the road. The energy at A$AP concerts are most definitely incomparable. Interesting to see how the two artist will mix:

Brainwashed Terrorist/Suspect at Trial

By Truthquake.com Staff
The father of a suspected terrorist from Oregon said in trial that his then-teenage son was suffering an identity crisis and had a troubled home life when the FBI “brainwashed” him to be an accomplice in their complex sting operation, according to the court testimony to the AP today.

Osman Barre (OHS’-man BAR’-ee), the father of Somali-American terrorism suspect Mohamed Osman Mohamud, testified Monday in court that he was concerned for his son’s safety when he contacted the FBI in 2009.

Barre stated that Mohamud told him he was planning to fly to Yemen to learn Arabic.

Barre said contemporary news accounts of Somali-American teenagers joining the mujahedeen in Somalia persuaded him to contact the FBI, and he said he feared his son was being brainwashed by al-Qaida recruiters.

However, Barre said Monday he now thinks it was an elaborate FBI sting that brainwashed his son.

The FBI and CIA have a history of using brainwashing and mind control techniques to manipulate people into performing certain desired tasks, such as spying and murdering.

The CIA has publicly stated that they had carried out the MKUltra mind control program on people, but they claim that it has not been used in over a decade.

Many people believe that assassins, such as James Holmes from the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie theater shooting are victims of mind control to forward agendas, such as the New World Order Illuminati agenda (NWO), that include disarming people in America and worldwide to make them easier to control under a totalitarian rule.

Some researchers, such as author Jim Marrs and Jesse Ventura believe black operations (black ops) – secret government-funded military programs unreported to Congress and the voters – were responsible for brainwashing people into carrying out suicide missions to destroy the World Trade Center Twin Towers on 9/11 to use it and the Pentagon bombing as a false flag operation to motivate the general population into supporting a war with the Middle East that has made the Bush family, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the Saudi Arabia royal family billions of dollars.

Some people believe entertainers, such as Britney Spears, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan are mind controlled or at least brainwashed in a way that is less violent than MKUltra to forward an agenda by Satanic, NWO powerful people and administers of black ops programs to brainwash and dumb-down weak-minded people in the general population with overt and subliminal messages.

Prosecutors in the Mohamed Mohamud case rested their case Monday. Barre was the first defense witness.

I’m getting tired of them putting out only bad news on Chris Brown. Let him be!

A lot of stars came out to support Elton  John last night, including Chris  Brown.

Unfortunately, while at the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy  Awards viewing party, Chris was getting dissed by the Oscars.

LIST:  The 2013 Oscars Winners

Among other harsh comments, first time Oscars host Seth  MacFarlane used Rihanna  and Chris getting back together to describe award-winning movie Django  Unchained.

As the audience laughed nervously, he said:

“This is a story about man fighting to get back his woman who has been  subjected to unthinkable violence, or as Chris Brown and Rihanna call it – a  date movie. That’s as bad as it gets, if it makes you feel better. It’s really  not as bad as it gets.”

Read more: http://globalgrind.com/entertainment/chris-brown-elton-john-academy-awards-viewing-party-dissed-oscars-photos#ixzz2LzWmY3Aw

Hit songs stolen from other songs

English: Michael Jackson at the Cannes film fe...

1). Quick! What do Rihanna and Michael Jackson have in common? If you answered, “they’re both black,” then congratulations! You’re really racist! The correct answer is one song- Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop The Music”. The 2007 hit song samples Michael Jackson’s “Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’”, specifically the part when he goes, “Mamma see mama saw mama koosa”. Apparently, plagiarism applies to gibberish too. Or so claims the spectacularly named Manu Dibangu.

Dibangu released his own song way back in 1972 called “Soul Makoosa” which he claims is the original inspiration for Jackson’s 1983 song. And although he’s in his 80’s, Manu had the strength to sue two big time musicians and get this…win. The fault isn’t actually Mike’s, he sampled everything legally. But when it came to transfer the rights to Rihanna, he screwed up. You see, the rights weren’t his to transfer, so both Rihanna and Michael basically ripped off Manu Di-awesomename-bangu.

2). In 2006 we learned that Pluto was no longer a planet, and that Shakira’s hips did not indeed lie. The song, released with Wyclef Jean for charity purposes, hit number 1 on the charts and, within days, dominated the radios all over America. The key woShakirard here being America. You see, in South America, a song had already hit the charts and done well that sounded a lot like Shakira’s.

It was called “Amores Como el Nuestro”, by popular salsa singer Jerry Riviera. Jerry claimed that Shakira stole the trumpet beat from his song and used it in her hit single. Jerry didn’t press charges, but made the allegations as public as possible; enough so that Shakira didn’t show up for Spain’s Academy of Arts and Sciences Awards (Spain’s Grammys). Entertainment outlets rumored that she was dodging questions about the plagiarism.

It doesn’t end there; a few weeks later another Spanish singer, Luis Dias, accused Shakira of stealing the refrain from one of his songs. And then, Shakira was again accused of stealing lyrics from a popular carnival song sung by a one Fernando Villalona. None of these artists pressed charges.

3). English: John Lennon Deutsch: John Lennon“Come Together” is one of those songs that make you listen to what’s on today  and shake your head in disappointment.  It’s the epitome of good Beatles  music and the feelings behind the 70’s Occupy hippy movement.  Its beat is so

pure that it’s been legally covered  three times, each by other great bands like Aerosmith.  That’s why it’s  shocking to hear that the song is so stolen, the Beatles acknowledged they stole  it themselves.

In 1973, The Beatles were sued by Big Seven Music Corp which handled Chuck  Berry’s “You Can’t Catch Me”. They claimed that not only was the beat from “Come  Together” just Berry’s song slowed down, the lyrics were also stolen.  For  reference, the lyrics in question are John Lennon’s “Here come ol’ flattop, he  come groovin’ up slowly” to Berry’s “Here come a flattop, he was movin’ up with  me”.

Both parties settled out of court, but Lennon wasn’t done.  He vowed to  record three more songs owned by Big Seven Music Corp.  Big Music responded  politely by doing the same thing to John Lennon, releasing a series of  unauthorized outtakes designed to embarrass Lennon.  When it was  time to take the wreckage to court, both sides lawyered up in what must have  been an epic legal showdown.  In the end, it was John Lennon that won, to the tune of 85 grand.


Just to name a few. Some of today’s great hit’s are stolen?? or just done out of respect?

Until next blog, write some hit records.