NEW SONG “UP” by: Deondrae Porter

I fell in love with the beat upon 1st listen. Naturally, my song writer‘s instinct kicks in, and I come up with, UP. A very great song that was completely done by yours truly :) I hope that you enjoy. if your interested in having this song in your iPod, mP3 Player, C-D, etc etc, please be sure to check out the “Music” section, where you will see a sound cloud player visible with previous songs I have recorded which are equally great as well


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Get to know “Deondrae Porter”.

Deondrae Porter, is a Recording artist, songwriter and producer. Some of his musical inspirations are: Wiz Khalifa, Jay-Z, John Lennon. His music focuses on strong and relevant songwriting with rare production and arrangements. Deondrae Porter’s qualities consist of being humble, thankful and productive whose free spirit flows with gratitude and finesse, which can be herd within the lyrics and music. His industrial/hip-hop vibe is a smash of being yourself and hard work. Self expression is what has been the foundation to make the music he creates. The mission is to reach everyone with something fresh and new. A conscious and a well thought out message in music to touch the inner being of a person that has yet to be expressed. Staying focused and motivated has crafted the Deondrae Porter sound.

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