What’s new for Deondrae Porter? – Update …

Making hit records are my concern. From just laying down a track like I usually do, the people are my focus and being able to sell records in the music industry. Past material were more along the lines of venting. No more wining on my end. Time to get to selling. The production, recording, mixing are all arranged by myself, your pal Deondrae Porter.
Competition is what shapes and breaks us, I’m glad to have those on my side for inspiration and guidance.
I’m 100 sure that everything that is coming to ddeashion.com will keep you with me and updated and looking for more.
To my followers, thank you for following and interacting at ddeashion.com

To add…

I have not neglected my responsibilities as a blogger, My focus s been mostly on production, presentation and writing, as well as learning to shape my music more than I ever have to have my dreams come true. Working hard is always me, working harder and noticing what I wasn’t doing has settled in. I’m taking action.

Thank you and I won’t keep you waiting.

Update – Deondrae Cool 05/04/2012

To let my visitors know…
I’m an industrial/hip-hop up in-coming artist. Currently my website is a blogging site. Within the next two-three weeks Ill be uploading videos, new music releases of sorts etc. thank you all for your visit. Keep coming and please like my facebook and keep up with me on twitter. Love the support.