Shoe heads

Shoes that can cath the eye, thats what i’m all about. I’m into Jordans, chucks & casuals but going retro, 90’s era is whats up too. Now adays shopping online is the way to go but its hard to determine which sites you can trust and what sites have “fakes” for sale. That was a big thing back in “09” I can remember when “bapes” were popular and everywhere you looked almost anyone had a pair, until I seen a pic of the real bapes next to the “fake pair” this had me laughing up a storm! now you see no one with a pair. Dont get it twisted lol Airforce ones have fakes out there too, I use to be big on Af1s until they just got kinda old to me. You still have to have that fresh pair of lows in your collection someplace (Whites).

I can tell you a story about my younger brother who purchased a pair of Air jordans online in a custom color from a site based in Korea, he had to wait over a month to get them, and they even messed up the order, so since then i’ve been sceptic about purchasing any shoe online because I’m not trying to have that happen to me lol. The last pair I bought were some baby blue Air Maxs. I always wanted a pair of kicks with the bubble bottom. Now I wear them all the time. Breaking them in is a whole nother story. Wear them to much then you’ll wind up with a crease in the front and I hate those. If this happens, you go back old school and stuff socks inside to eliminate a crease you may can’t get rid of. Which sucks. Remember when in the winter time from getting your jordans messed up from the salt? and ppl would wear plastic bags over their shoes until they where inside of school?? lol funny but true. Old now tho. My next shoe is going to hurt the eyes of any on-looker, and they are the —–.
Can’t give them away because people steal ideas all the time lol
until next blog, stay safe and be blessed 8)